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We are experts in corporate transactions in the field of vision tech, one of the most exciting and fastest-growing business areas in automation technology and the key technology of the 21st century. From industry 4.0/IIoT through autonomous driving, robotics, face recognition, and goal control – vision technologies are revolutionizing almost all areas of work and everyday life. Vision technologies offer highly attractive growth opportunities for companies across all industries. The interest in corporate transactions in this area is correspondingly sizeable and diverse.

The basis of every successful transaction is a well-defined M&A strategy with a clearly specified success scenario. This demands an experienced industry expert in a dynamic market like ours. Vision Ventures puts you a decisive step ahead. What distinguishes us as an M&A boutique is our unique expertise in the field of vision. We know every facet of the vision markets. We combine solid experience and expertise in vision technologies with a network that has naturally evolved over many years, with strong contacts in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The vision tech ecosystem

Now is the ideal time for corporate transactions in vision tech. Many of the advances that have inspired rapid growth in markets such as robotics, navigation, logistics, agriculture and food, as well as surveillance and security technology, would be unthinkable without vision technologies. The core technology is mature, and there is simultaneously enormous scope for future innovation.

Vision companies are achieving annual growth rates of 10% and more in established markets. But there are still many industries yet to be tapped and new fields of application yet to be conquered – and these promise annual growth rates greatly exceeding 50%. The individual companies are as innovative as the business segment itself. The vision tech ecosystem is extremely heterogeneous. It consists mainly of agile SMEs along the entire value chain, from image sensors to turnkey inspection systems. It is also highly international in character. We will be happy to advise you on how to best position yourself in this exciting field, develop the optimal vision strategy for your company, and find the right partners.

Winners all round

A corporate transaction is a bridge into the future, for all involved. A trade sale is an excellent growth strategy for the company being sold: the existing infrastructure on the buyer side opens up access to new markets, the buyer’s financial strength opens up access to new customers, pooling the supply chain and production improves the cost structure, and the collaboration of the R&D teams accelerates product development.

Industrial buyers shorten their time-to-market with the additional products and technologies for existing distribution channels, boost their IP portfolio, gain access to new markets and customers, and strengthen their team with new creative minds. Vision is also a highly attractive market segment for financial investors, with growth driven by Industry 4.0 and further boosted with the upcoming rise of Industry 5.0. Founders are able to guide their ‘baby’ into a secure and successful future, reaping the fruits of their commitment, creativity, risk, and hard work.

We will be happy to advise you on how to achieve the most beneficial corporate transaction on the basis of your specific criteria.

The future in sight

Anyone who has been active in a market for almost 30 years develops a certain feel for what is to come. Where does untapped potential lie? Who are the hidden champions? What new growth areas are opening up? Which technologies will redefine the limits of what is feasible? Vision Ventures has the expertise to help you future-proof your M&A decisions.

Machine and computer vision are becoming ubiquitous. Even today, there are hardly any products in our everyday lives that have been untouched by vision technologies in one way or another. Its beginnings may lie in factory automation, but today, vision finds applications and dedicated companies across all industries. More than 90% of all vision companies are SMEs, and a maximum of 10% are listed on the stock exchange. Understanding this diversity is a crucial competitive advantage. You can benefit from our insights as you develop your M&A plans. We will help you find the right partner to ensure your company’s profitable growth.

Our team

Gabriele Jansen Managing Partner LinkedIn >

Dipl.-Ing. [Graduate Engineer], Optical Metrology, Cologne University of Technology
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. [Graduate Industrial Engineer], Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences
LL.M., M&A, University of Münster

Gabriele Jansen is the founder and Managing Partner of Vision Ventures. With almost 30 years of experience in vision, predominantly as an entrepreneur, her clients benefit from her unique combination of industry insights, technological expertise, and entrepreneurial vision. She is a long-standing board member of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), an advisor to the European Commission, and an active member of a number of advisory boards and industry committees.
Gabriele gained her first experience in M&A as VP Corporate Development of a publicly listed international vision company, where she was responsible for a number of acquisitions. This practical experience, complemented by her completion of a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in Mergers & Acquisitions, form the foundation on which Vision Ventures is based.

Holger Hofmann Partner LinkedIn >

Dipl.-Ing. [Graduate Engineer], Electrical Engineering, Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences

Holger Hofmann has more than 25 years of experience in vision technologies, holding management positions in several international vision companies. Our clients benefit from his comprehensive knowledge about vision markets, key market players and their market relevance, application trends and customer ecosystems. Holger’s experience in growing vision businesses profitably and developing various vision markets in Europe and North America is invaluable in identifying and assessing prime targets in buy and sales processes alike.

Holger joined Vision Ventures in 2017 with an early focus on start-up companies and angel investments. In 2019, he became a partner at Vision Ventures and is today primarily responsible for market and target research.

Chris Yates Director LinkedIn >

B.Sc (Hons. 1st Class), Ph.D, Imperial College, London

Chris Yates has over 20 years’ experience in industry with a focus on early-stage technology in multiple start-up companies. Chris moved to Vision Ventures from the role of Director, Advanced Technology at Rockwell Automation, in the Safety and Sensing Business, to further pursue his enthusiasm for corporate strategy and transactions within the vision and automation sector. Chris was previously the CEO and founder of 3D imaging specialist, Odos Imaging, which he led from inception until acquisition by Rockwell Automation in late 2017.

Chris joined Vision Ventures in 2020 and provides our clients with a deep technical understanding of vision tech, together with a strong focus on intellectual property and strategic analysis, whilst retaining a typical start-up ‘can-do’ approach.