Selling your company is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

The art of M&A lies in creating value.
Vision Ventures will lead your corporate transaction to success.
We have it down to a fine art.

Selling your company to a new owner: probably your greatest undertaking in your lifetime as an entrepreneur. Whether it’s an exit, a strategic divestiture, or part of a targeted growth strategy – we manage every part of the sale for you, from beginning to end. Our technical expertise in vision tech, our own entrepreneurial experience in the industry, and many years of experience as M&A transaction managers ensure we can lead your transaction to success.

We will be there for you long before the actual sale, and will tailor the entire process to fully meet your needs:

What makes your company unique and valuable to a buyer? We will work with you to extract your company’s USPs and to identify what drives value within your company. This allows us to select the best buyers and to determine the ideal timing for a corporate transaction.

We perform a state-of-the-art company valuation, based on the discounted cash flow as well as the usual multiplier methods. We’ll also discuss the various factors that influence the valuation with you as well as the link between company value and purchase price.

Clear answers to strategic questions: To which group of buyers is your company most valuable? What are your goals for the sale? Exit or merger? And what future do you envisage for your company after the sale? We will develop the strategy you need to win the buyer with whom you can realize your goals.

You create brochures for your products. We’ll do the same for your company. Capitalize on our combined understanding of your technology and the expectations of potential buyers and investors. This will be reflected in an extensive and persuasive information memorandum.

Benefit from our global network and excellent contacts. We’ll target and approach suitable buyers worldwide – one to one. This ensures maximum success – with maximum discretion.

We will identify the most attractive buyers from the pool of interested parties and manage the entire process – from before due diligence up to reaching an agreement on the essential parameters of the transaction in a letter of intent (LOI). This also includes the indicative purchase price.

This is the most time-consuming step of the sales process, and we will do our best to relieve as much of the work and stress as possible. We will populate and manage the data room for you, and handle all communication with the buyer’s own due diligence teams.

Working closely with the M&A lawyer, we will safely guide you to the signing and closing of the contract. Here you will benefit from our legal background combined with our many years of experience in negotiating international M&A agreements.

Selling a company is a complex project, often the largest in the company’s history to date. We see our role as that of the project manager for this entire process, one that applies specific expertise and experience to ensure you can focus on the ongoing operational success of your company.

There can be many different motivations to sell your company. In any case, the timing for your sale is also critical to success. Identify the right time to sell by taking early steps to familiarize yourself with the topic and work out your options.

Take advantage of our expertise and many years of experience with corporate transactions in the vision sector. We will be happy to consult with you and provide expert support.

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Transactions we have led to success:

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